Ostrich Feather Bouquet


I’ve finally found feather bouquets! Aren’t they lovely? They add such dress-up details for the whole arrangement. Im not really sure where I can find the feathers in the top picture but the bouquets sure look lovely with black or pink feathers the way I see it.

I would really like to work with black ostrich feathers. Let me get it done up soon and I’ll post pictures to share!

Color-wise, the peacock feathers got my attention. This red bouquet has a sort of oriental mystique when paired with the green peacock feathers. And its so easy to find these in Singapore, cheap too!


Bouquets and images from Waterlily Pond.
Check out their portfolio. They’re amazing in creating vibrant colors!

Do you know any merchant(s) that ship ostrich feathers at wholesale prices? Please let me know. Thanks in advance!


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